FPV Drone.

We redefine flying!

With FPV drones we provide you with spectacular footage of unforgettable moments. Get FPV footage of your event or use it as part of your advertising production. See for yourself the quality of our cinematographic shots and powerful images.

Film production

We produce unique FPV footage with new FPV race drones. Dynamic camera movements for spectacular movies. FVP drones lack the usual assistance systems, for this reason FPV drones require a lot of sensitivity and experience from the FPV pilot. Our FPV drone pilots all have experience and can fly even demanding maneuvers very safely. Use our special skills for your film project!

Features of FPV Race Drone

FPV is the abbreviation for "First Person View".
With an FPV drone, 150° shots can be taken in super wide angle up to 4K resolution at 60 fps. The drone is controlled from the perspective of a virtual pilot.

With top speed (up to 160 km/h), rapid maneuvers in nature or on objects are no problem for our trained FPV pilots. Use the fascination of speed and a unique perspective for your film project!

We convey the feeling of up-close action and thus enable breathtaking shots that are not possible with conventional drones.

Advantages of FPV recording

FPV drones accelerate to speeds over 100Km/H within a few seconds. This makes the shots much faster and more spectacular compared to classic drone shots. We use FPV drones to fly through small openings. So we have new possibilities for filming in nature and in premises. Exterm sports, car or boat racing, climbing, hunting, etc. with the FPV drone we get a picture that is right at the action. In breathtaking flight maneuvers can also track birds in flight.
Film & Video Production
Spectacular shots
Extreme sports
Hunting & Outdoor

Book FPV Pilots

Book our experienced FPV drone pilots for your event and capture the highlights of your outdoor activities. Dynamic footage and fascinating images are the result of spectacular drone flights. With their years of experience, our FPV pilots are able to follow you during your activities and capture the highlights of your adventure in unforgettable moments. We promise you nothing less than spectacular footage. Safety is the number one priority for our FPV drone pilots.

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