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A good film is more than just advertising

With a film, you tell viewers your story full of passion and emotion. Bring your brand to life and create awareness among your customers. A high-quality film conveys your message and establishes a relationship between you and your viewers. above all, an engaging outdoors video production can engage your target audience.

What added value does an advertising film have for you in Germany?

Through a film, you capture the attention of your viewers directly. No other medium conveys emotions faster and transports your message more authentically. You reach your target group directly. In our fast-paced world, this is an important step in getting your customers interested in your brand and product and ultimately convincing them to buy from you. Create awareness for your brand and make your customers want to purchase your products. We can help you tailor the outdoor video production to your needs so you can achieve your goals.

Why us?

We are passionate hunters and love outdoor video production. For the implementation of your projects, we develop a concept optimally tailored to you and your goals as well as the needs of your target group to ensure the success of your communication measures. With us you get conception, calculation, production and video editing from one source. In addition, we offer you the creation of a holistic communication concept that is tailored to your individual needs.

We will support you in creating your marketing campaign and help you choose the right video format for your purposes.

We stand with our name for high quality outdoor video productions.


What could your outdoor video production look like?

Outdoor film thrives on high-quality images and conveys emotions. From action-packed FPV drone footage to spectacular detail shots, we create authentic images and transform them into a video experience.

We will be happy to advise you on which film is suitable for achieving your goals. Talk to us!



The image film portrays a company, a brand or a product. Depending on its purpose, its length can range from a few seconds to several minutes. In this way, your vision can be underlined with stunning and high-quality images that offer the viewer added value and emotionally charge your products.

Corporate film

A corporate film presents all the content that makes up a company. The focus is on a holistic view of the company, its values, goals, products, services, locations and employees. In contrast to image films, there is no detailed examination of individual aspects. With the production of a corporate film, you can underscore your messages internally as well as externally with high-quality footage. The goal is the identification with your company.

Event film

As professionals for outdoor video production, we accompany you to your event and capture unforgettable moments for you, your employees and customers. Whether as a documentary, aftermovie or recap, we are the right partner for you. Through our experience in the hunting and outdoor scene, we know exactly how to properly stage you and your event without inconvenience for you and your guests.

Advertising film

An outdoor video production can be many things: for example, it can be an advertising film with a short running time that gets to the heart of your message. The challenge is to tell a story that is as catchy as possible in this time span and that amounts to a call-to-action. depending on your needs, we create your commercial either emotionally charged or fact-based.

Product film

A product video highlights the benefits of your product and shows the customer its use as simply and precisely as possible. Clean, high-quality images convince the viewer of the benefits of the product presented. At this point, a simple structure is suitable to explain complex facts about your product in a way that viewers can understand. The biggest advantage of the product video is the possibility of universal use on websites, social media, trade shows, mailings and via QR codes as an instruction manual.

social media

We produce high-quality video content for social media. As a full-service agency, we accompany the entire implementation from conception to upload of the finished product. Social media are playing an increasing role in marketing communication. The media usage time, especially among young target groups is constantly increasing. It therefore makes sense to reach the target group in this way. Audiovisual formats, whose duration can be individually adapted to the platform and the attention span of the target group, have the greatest effect.

Film impressions



Hunting film

Capture exciting hunting moments



drone footage

The perfect view from above


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