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Video production

Show what is really important. Awaken your target group's passion for your company. Authentic images and high-quality footage will be remembered by your viewers for a long time and ensure recognition value. We produce videos with a focus on Law Enforcement and Defense.

What makes us different?

We are your competent partner for the production of your recruiting video in the field of Law Enforcement and Defence. With us, you get everything from a single source: from conception to production to the finished video. We develop tailor-made concepts for you, the video production is carried out by an experienced team that is optimally adapted to your needs. In the final video editing, the result of the video shoot is rounded off and set in the look of your company to create a recognition value.

We are passionate hunters and love the medium of film. In addition to hunting and outdoor topics, the area of law enforcement and defense is close to our hearts. We know how to put you in the best possible light and are only satisfied when you are.

We will be happy to advise you and work with you to develop a customized concept for you. We are happy to support you in the area of digital marketing in addition to your video production.

Recruiting videos

Convince applicants with authentic videos.

In the digital age, recruiting faces unprecedented challenges. There has long been no way around online media to reach future employees. Here, it is important to stand out from the overwhelming mass of offers and convince applicants of the benefits of your company. Show what sets Law Enforcement and Defence apart and that you can make a difference together with your employees. Through a recruiting video, you show your applicants what's real. With a high-quality recruiting video, you generate attention, create a recognition value.

The medium of film is now the most important element in employer branding. Videos that provide the most important information for applicants are particularly popular with younger target groups. Leave a lasting impression on your applicants. We help you get your message across quickly and memorably. Good applicant marketing gives your future employees a first impression of your company. In recruitment marketing, a high-quality recruiting video is essential. Show potential applicants who you are, what distinguishes the work in your company and give them an appealing impression of various fields of activity.

Product film

Showcase your law enforcement and defense products with high-quality images and convince your target group. Whether weapons, ammunition, security equipment such as cameras, door and window locks or access control systems. We are familiar with the products of the security industry and know how to stage them in the best possible way.

With a product video, you highlight the benefits of your product and can show your customers the use and benefits of your product. The product film is an all-rounder and can be used universally on websites, social media, trade fairs, mailings and via QR codes as an instruction manual.

Image film

More than just a film

Bring your vision of safety to life with an image film. Get your message across with memorable images and engage your target audience.

Security companies are often in the public eye. It is not uncommon for people in Germany to encounter them with skepticism and prejudice. Take the initiative and control the public perception of your company and show what really distinguishes you and the security industry and why your work as a security company is essential for society.

The image film revolves around your company, brand or product and serves to emotionally charge your brand. Your vision is underpinned with images that offer the viewer added value and turn your products into an experience. The goal is to create recognition and promote identification with your brand. Depending on the purpose, its length can range from a few seconds to several minutes. We develop the right concept for you.

Pitch/Investor Videos

A pitch includes a short presentation of your business idea to potential investors and other funders. Depending on the business model, the content of the pitch can vary greatly, but should include the following aspects: Definition of a problem, presentation of the solution created by your idea, explanation of why you and your team are ideally suited to implement the idea, appeal to investors and call to action.

The Pitch Video offers you the opportunity to convince investors of the merits of your idea at any time. Whether for a specific occasion such as meeting with investors, tenders or competitions, or as a backup. We put you and your product in the limelight with the right images and make sure that you convince your investors. We are happy to support you in the conception of your pitch and ensure that all important elements are included, from the idea to the contact details.  


Sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant in all areas and has long since become a corporate philosophy in many places. Show how you are committed and what sustainability means to you. Where is your company committed to the environment? Where is the focus on people? Which social projects do you support? Present the human social, economic and environmental aspects of your corporate policy and score points in two ways: with customers and in public procurement procedures.

Together we present the projects in which your company is involved. Contact us to develop the right concept for your commitment and present it effectively.

Our sustainable steps to success

Our approach

First contact

We won't leave you out in the cold! We help you with the correct integration and effective use of your finished film. On social media, on your website or at local events.

concept design

Our creative and marketing department will create a design for your business that is tailored to your company's goals and values.
The goal: to stand out in a noisy and connected online world.


After you decide to work with us, we start planning the shoot, gather all the information needed for your video and start booking actors and voice actors. You are involved every step of the way, nothing happens without your consent.


In post-production, the various scenes are cut, animations are created, and your video becomes a reality. After you approve the rough cut, we tweak the colors and look of the scenes to make sure your film stands out!


After everything is done and you have approved the video, it will be adapted to all popular social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn. We'll make sure your message gets across on every medium.

Satisfied customers

We close the project only when our customers are 100% satisfied.


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